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Maximising the value of your property

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Professional Property Styling in Melbourne

It’s your perfectly centered tie at a job interview. It’s that killer dress that turns heads. It’s the colour coordinated table decorations you’ve put together for your friend’s wedding.

In all aspects of modern life, presentation is everything.

Here at House & Garden Presentation Services, we believe that this sentiment is particularly poignant when it comes to selling your home. With more than ten years’ experience working within the industry, we are one of Melbourne's most prestigious property styling companies. We are the experts in preparing your property ready for sale and we will take care of the whole process, from furniture hire and storage, through to organising our specialised tradesmen to ensure your property is in perfect condition.

At House & Garden Presentation Services our aim is simple: we strive to ensure your property looks the best it can, so that your sale price is maximised.

Servicing Melbourne's prestigious areas, House and Garden Presentation Services is highly recommended by leading real estate agents across Melbourne's inner suburbs.

When looking to sell your property, excellence in presentation is vital, enabling potential buyers to visualise their future lifestyle, whilst gaining wider market attraction.

We'll help you to maximise your sale price

When it comes to the real estate market, first impressions really do count. If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s important to ensure it looks its best before opening the doors for inspection.

Here at House & Garden Presentation Services, we’ll work to ensure your home is perfectly styled – from the furniture and interior colour schemes decor, through to the lawns and garden.

With a keen eye for detail and serious creative flare, we can transform your home into a prestige property that directly appeals to your target market. We begin with de-cluttering, tidying and cleaning; this helps to ensure your home is not only spotless, but also works to enhance that feeling of spaciousness in each and every room.

We then move on to interior decorating styling your home’s interior. Whether we use your existing furniture, organise furniture hire or utilise a combination of both, we work to ensure all items complement each other and that Colour consultation is one of our specialties, and as such we tastefully match the furniture, paint work and any additional decor – ensuring a theme is continued throughout the house. If you have any furniture that requires storage, we can take care of that as well recommend a storage company and provide you with discount vouchers. Once you have booked your storage, we’re able to transport all furniture items on your behalf.

Alongside our presentation service, we also offer a range of trade-based services repair and maintenance service. Minor issues such as jamming doors and leaking taps may seem insignificant to a home owner, however when it comes to buyers’ inspections they can actually serve to tarnish that all important first impression. We have an experienced Master Tradesman on board our team, who orchestrates and oversees any trade-based work that needs to be carried out. We can assist with everything from electrical and plumbing work, painting, and carpentry, through to flooring and, gardening and general maintenance. No job is too big or too small – we can take care of it all.

The real estate experts

When selling your home, attention to detail cannot be underestimated. At House & Garden Presentation Services, nothing is overlooked. Our experienced stylists are passionate about what they do, and their dedication is clearly evident in the work that they complete.

However, we are more than just interior designers property stylists. Equipped with a sound understanding of the property market, we know what works and what doesn’t. We take the time to evaluate your property; the area, the style of home and also the target market. We undertake our work with these factors firmly in mind – there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to home staging. Of course, some principles are universal; however we believe that every home is different and therefore styling needs to be adjusted accordingly in order to highlight a property’s key features.

What does this mean for our valued clients? It means a truly personalised service that is tailored to suit the property in question, thereby delivering the best possible results when that hammer falls.

Contact Melbourne's premier home staging service today

If you’re searching for a company that offers professional property styling in Melbourne, House & Garden Presentation Services is your number one choice. Providing a high end quality service to clients across the city’s inner suburbs, we’ll work to ensure your property garners the best possible sale price.

We are essentially a ‘one stop service’, coordinating and managing multiple jobs in order to ensure complete convenience for our clients. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on (03) 9077 7911 – we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have!

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